Living With Albinism Can Be Difficult

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Living With Albinism Can Be Difficult

Every individual is born with some color to the body, skin, and hair and eyes unless they are a victim of albinism. Our color is created by the melanin production in the body and if this is absent or there is very little of it then this affliction is the result. The cause of this condition is believed to be genetic.

There are actually two main types of this condition. It’s not difficult to figure out which individuals have this problem because you will see that they have white or even a pink tinge to their hair as well as their skin and the color of their eyes may be affected. In addition, they will have vision problems as well.

Then there is another type that only affects the back of the eyes, which is the iris. This may not be noticeable by the average onlooker but an eye exam will reveal it. This examination will show that there is no color present.

There are other conditions as well that can cause lack of color in the skin for example some people may have to small areas that don’t have any skin color. Persons suffering from Albinism will have at least one of the symptoms. This could be no color found in the hair or the iris of the eye or the skin. Alternatively, it could just be that their hair and/or skin is noticeably lighter than what would be found in the average person..

Then there is the patches that have no skin color to them at all. There are some side effects to this condition where quite often, the individual will be light sensitive or you may even notice that they have rapid eye movements and most often, they have visual problems.

Although to date there is no cure for this condition, treatment basically evolves around relieving the symptoms and watching what the side effects are. For example, a sunscreen has got to be used to avoid burning because they are very sensitive to the sun and sunglasses are also very important to relieve sensitivity to the light affecting the eyes.

Albinism does not shorten the life span of the individual unless they are suffering from some types that can cause lung problems are bleeding problems. Although people with this condition can function normally, there are many daytime activities they cannot participate in because they can’t stand the sun. Two possible complications could be skin cancer or decreased vision leading to blindness.

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Common Types of Ovarian Cysts

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Common Types of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are actually quite common in females as they are the beginning stage of the menstrual cycle. These cysts are more commonly known as follicles and are the proponents that create and release estrogen and progesterone which is required during the menstrual cycle for the egg to be released. Once the egg is released these follicles usually disappear until the next cycle comes around.

However, if the follicle doesn’t go away and instead continues to go it will become a functional ovarian cyst. For the most part, these cysts are nothing to worry about and can be taken care of by your doctor, but you should have them checked to rule out any possibility of cancer.

Ovarian cysts are extremely uncomfortable and can cause severe pain in the pelvis and abdominal area. The three most common ovarian cysts are Dermoid, Endometrioma, and Cystadenomas. The Dermoid cysts are particularly unattractive as they are formed from the same cells as the egg. This means they can have hair, teeth, and even other aspects of humanity that you normally wouldn’t think of happening in a cyst. They are rarely ever cancerous, but can be quite painful if not taken care of early.

Endometrioma cysts are the type that usually grow on the outside of the uterus instead of inside like most other ovarian cysts and can cause a lot of pain as well. Cystadenomas have a higher episode of being cancerous in women and can be filled with either mucous or liquid. These cysts are known to twist in on themselves and this twisting can cause a severe amount of pain. These cysts should be removed as soon as possible after a doctor has determined whether or not they are cancerous in nature.

Ovarian cysts can cause all kinds of health related problems for women, and not just a huge amount of pain, either. If you start to have abdominal or pelvic pain you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible. He can set you up an appointment to check for ovarian cysts and can arrange for a procedure to have them removed, if possible. You should have a regular check up with your doctor to see if any new cysts are starting to form.

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