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Homemade Sunburn Treatments from a Sexy Nurse – For The Win

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Get made: http://bit.ly/SubToMadeMan Host Mike Capes and a real nurse/real girl, Abby, demonstrate five foolproof sunburn remedies. Watch more For The Win: h…
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How to Treat a Sunburn

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Sunburn Treatment And Natural Home Remedies For Sunburn

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Sunburn Treatment And Natural Home Remedies For Sunburn
Sunburn is a burn to livelihood tissue, such as skin, which is produced by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, usually from the sun’s rays.

Usual mild symptoms in humans and animals include red or ruddy skin that is hot to the touch, general fatigue, and mild dizziness.

An excess of UV emission can be life-threatening in great cases. Exposure of the skin to lesser amounts of UV emission will often produce a suntan.

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Sunburn results from too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. Almost everyone has been sunburned or willbecome tanned at some time. Anyone whovisits a beach, goes fishing, works in the yard, or simply isout in the sun can get sunburn.

Sunburn is a common dilemma caused by the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Sunburn, as it very clear from the name it recommend that, it is the burning of the skin caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun rays.

Usually sunburn appear when the skin of our body get surplus expose to ultraviolet sources and the defensive pigment melanin is unable to protect the skin. People enjoying their holidays on the beach are likely to have sunburn on their first day.

Sunburn is caused to overexposure to the ultra violet emission of the sun resulting in an inflammation of the skin. When sunburn is severe it could be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, blisters, peeling of the skin and sensitivity to light.

Repeated sunburns cause premature aging of the skin. Therefore take adequate precautions to avert sunburn and treat if effectively if it happens.

Sunburn Treatment

Sun is a source of Vitamin D which keeps you vigorous and active but excess sun exposure and ultraviolet rays are harmful. They can cause wrinkle and many other skin problems. http://www.herbalcureindia.com/home-remedies/sunburn.html

Develop a do of daily skin cleansing using usual face wash or mild soaps.

Use natural sun defensive cream and sunglasses when you go out in the sun.

Harsh soap, excess outing, swim can cause sunburn so stay away from excess sun exposure.

Never scrub your face excessively and always use natural soaps and lotion.

Never apply milk cream or oily lotions to the sunburn exaggerated area as it lead much pigmentation and damage to the skin.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Application of any cream contain vitamin E to the affected areas will reduce itching. This is a very simple sunburn treatment.

Milk is the best food remedy for any kind of burns. Applying the cloth to the burn dipped in milk will offer relief. Good home remedy for sunburn.

Applying ice to the area will also be beneficial.

Rub the area with mustard oil and leave it for sometime. It will remove the tan and pull out the heat from the affected area providing relief from itching and redness. This is one of the good sunburn treatments.

Keeping cold tea bags on the area will remove tanning from the sunburns.

Make a mixture by mixing, yogurt, turmeric and barley, apply on the affected area. This is one of the simple and good home remedies for sunburn.

Sliced pieces of raw cucumber or potato when realistic to the affected area reduce inflammation of the skin. This is one of the best sunburn remedy.

Pouring one cup of white cider vinegar to the bathtub will offer relief from sunburns.

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Just thought I would do a follow up to my natural sun protection video and share my favourite natural sunburn remedies. hope you like it! what is your favour…

Home Remedy for Sunburn

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Home Remedies For Sunburn Relief

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Here are some of the home remedies that I tried after getting my first sunburn of the year. I used vinegar, coconut oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil as s…

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Sunburn Home Remedies

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Sunburn Home Remedies

If you’ve ever experienced a sunburn, then you know how painful it can be. In addition to red, hot skin, people experience additional symptoms of nausea, dehydration, blistering, flaking and peeling of the skin. Even though by wearing sunscreen or staying out of the sun for extended periods of time you can avoid all of this. In the instance that you do go in the sun or to beach and you end up with a sunburn just know that there are several common household and culinary products that can help relieve and reduce the painful, hot, and tender symptoms of a sunburn.

Cool Bath- The first thing you want to do after getting a sunburn is cool down the temperature of the burn. Once the skin has been burned your body is still radiating heat. However if you expose an overheated body to its extreme opposite, cold you run the risk of sending the body into shock. There for the idea is to sooth the skin with cool, not cold products.

A cool bath will draw the heat from your skin, which can sooth the affected areas. Additionally by adding essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or chamomile to the bath water will re-hydrate the skin and body.  Furthermore baking soda or oatmeal can be added to a lukewarm bath to relieve the pain of a sunburn and vinegar can be added to take the sting out of a sunburn. Let you skin absorb the oils, baking soda/oatmeal or vinegar. This provides vital nutrients and water back in the skin to start healing the burned cells.

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are two household products that can be used to quickly cool the pain of a sunburn. By dabbing rubbing alcohol on a painful sunburn you can easily decrease the discomfort of the affected areas. However, rubbing alcohol dries very quickly and can dehydrate the skin. Remember to drink lots of fluids to re-hydrate the entire body when using this product.

Vinegar is another very effective way to sooth and relieve the painful affects of a sunburn. However it does not dry as quickly as rubbing alcohol, so there are a couple of different applications. You can dab vinegar onto the skin, but this may take a while to get all of the effected area. An easier way to get a larger area is to use a spray bottle or soak a towel in vinegar and drape on the sunburned areas.  Drying time averages about 5-7 minutes, meaning you may want to stand or sit with a towel under you why applying the vinegar. The smell should subside within an hour and it is recommended to reapply vinegar every 4-6 hours.

Other household products that can reduce the symptoms of a sunburn come straight from your kitchen. Egg whites and potatoes, two very unexpected foods can both reduce the pain of a sunburn. Separate the egg whites from the yolk, and spread the egg white over the affect area (best for use on the face, neck or small sunburned area.).  Potatoes can be used in two different manners. After washing potatoes, cut in round slices and place directly on the skin to reduce inflammation and heat. Or place chunks into a blender with a little bit of water to liquefy. Then pat the potato juice on the area and allow it to dry. This will draw out the heat of the sunburn. After any of these applications rinse the food off the skin in a cool shower and pat the skin dry.

All of these home remedies work effectively and quickly however, if you symptoms do not start to subside in a couple of days or your symptoms get contact a doctor immediately to determine if there is something additional going on. Otherwise remember when you go in the sun, protect your skin with sunscreen.

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How to Treat Blistered Sunburn

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Treatment of Sunburn

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Treatment of Sunburn

Sunburn is a phenomenon caused by excessive or over-exposure to the ultra-violet or UV radiation of the sun or sun-equivalent sources like welding arcs or tanning lamps. It causes the skin to burn and acquire a blackish or darkish hue. In other words, the skin tans due to sun burn.

The number one symptom that goes along with severe sunburn is pain accompanied by an intense shade or red skin. If your skin is sensitive to the touch, or causes you pain when you take a shower, you may be suffering from a case of severe sunburn. Intense pain is the most common symptom that accompanies severe sunburn.

Sunburns are normally caused by the UV-rays from the sun, but it is also common and possible to get a sunburn from UV lights (tanning beds) and other sources. One of the most common symptoms of sunburn is itching of the affected area. Getting sunburn relief on the itching can be a daunting task.

Symptoms of a sunburn include redness, swelling of the skin, fever, chills, pain, blisters and weakness. If you feel like your child has a sunburn you should first consult with your child’s pediatrician for tips on how to treat it and make your child feel comfortable. A mild sunburn is typically treated by such measures as applying cool compresses to the sunburned area, giving your child a cool bath, applying aloe gel or hydrocortisone cream and keeping your child out of the sun until their sunburn is healed.

Treatment of Sunburn:

1- Cool the burn with a wet cloth or take a light shower with cool and not cold water.

2- Do not scrub your skin and avoid any sort of soap, bath salt or oil.

3- Use a sunburn remedy easily available in any drug store preferably one that contains aloe Vera. No petroleum jelly in the first 48 hrs, as it retains heat.

4- If you are having blisters, bandage the area so as to avoid any sort of infection.

Sun stroke is when your whole system has been affected and you have a fever, possibly dehydration as well as sunburn symptoms. It’s much more serious and needs professional help. Not something to cut your teeth on in your early days of working out how to use homeopathic home remedies.

In people, the difference in skin color and the color of eyes largely depends upon the geographical area. Those who live near the equator have the darkest skin color and those staying near the poles have the lightest skin color. Fitzpatrick did the division of skin, on the basis of how it will react to sun.

Sunburn Prevention Tips:

1-Wear a loose cotton shirt to protect and prevent your back and shoulders from being sun burnt if you do not use a beach umbrella.

2-Cover your legs with a beach blanket while sitting on your beach chair if you do not use a beach umbrella.

3-Wear a sun hat to protect and prevent your head, nose and face from being sun burnt if you do not use a beach umbrella.

4-Wear wrap-around sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV light.

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are two household products that can be used to quickly cool the pain of a sunburn. By dabbing rubbing alcohol on a painful sunburn you can easily decrease the discomfort of the affected areas. However, rubbing alcohol dries very quickly and can dehydrate the skin.

Sunburn is a visible reaction of the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the invisible rays that are part of sunlight. Most of the sunlight’s damage to the skin is caused by the ultraviolet B (UV-B) rays, which have long been known to hurt the skin. UV-B rays penetrate through to the lower layers of the skin, damaging skin cells.

Let me tell you first about the bad news of having sunburn. To those individuals who have it, there is no quick or rapid way to treat sunburn. After exposure to the sun which outcomes in burn, the unluckily reality is that the impairment has already been done, and the outcomes can be significant.

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