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How are global HIV/AIDS trends affecting US-African aid policies?
December 1st marks the 27th World AIDS Day. We look at the major AIDS-related announcements from advocacy and care-providing organizations, paying particular attention to policy developments in sub-Saharan Africa, where over 70% of the world's …
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Red wine has 'both cancerous and anti-cancerous properties'
However, the resveratrol from the grape skins in red wine eliminates cells with the most DNA damage, which are the ones with the highest likelihood of becoming cancerous. "Alcohol bombards your genes," he says. "Your body has ways to repair this damage …
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Artificial retina steps closer with groundbreaking wireless material
A proof-of-concept study published in the journal Nano Letters, reports how a groundbreaking new material can activate brain neurons in response to light without the use of wires to an external source of energy or light. woman having eye exam. A new …
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skin pigmentation disorders – skin lightening treatment

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http://skinwhitening.virtual35.com – skin pigmentation disorders – skin lightening treatment “But Who Am I To Know? My Story…” First, let me tell you, I ‘m…

Dr. Amit Dutta’s :: Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment centre is propagating all common to chronic Skin related disorders with authentic Ayurvedic , Herbal med…

Best Treatment for Skin Disorders Cure

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Best Treatment for Skin Disorders Cure

Skin disorders are common among humans. There are not many statistics to show the exact frequency of skin disease, but the overall impression is 20-25 percent of patients seeking medical care suffer from viral skin disease. While infections are more common in the tropics, these skin conditions are a lot of misery, suffering, disability and economic loss.

The skindisorders.net is being developed as a “one stop” resource that brings together high quality information based on the evidence in all aspects of skin disorders, including treatment and management and the impact on patients .

The body’s largest organ, skin is the first line of defense against dirt, germs and other foreign objects. Unfortunately, it is also more affected by sun damage. The skin is one of the most vulnerable organs of the body.

Skin Disorders Causes

This is the part of pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know. We’ve all heard of viral infections. Some of them are really nasty. Is supposed to be caused by something that looks like our genetic material and in accordance with a limited knowledge of this author does not really have much of an existence outside of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in a way unfortunate, because so infected.

If the cause of a skin disorder in particular is of viral nature of the following discussion does not apply. This does not mean that people who suffer from viral infections will not benefit from the techniques discussed. Are likely to benefit because the techniques are directed to optimal health in general.

Skin Disorders Symptoms

Our skin is much more than our body wrap. It regulates our body temperature through sensors and painful stimuli, which helps prevent injuries. Therefore, it is common sense to protect and care for your skin.

Skin diseases can sometimes be identified visually by their size, shape and color. Doctors can take skin biopsies to make a diagnosis of disorders that can not be identified without laboratory results.
Superficial skin disorders are often able to identify at a glance. These are disorders that affect the outer layers of the skin. Superficial skin disorders are calluses and corns, psoriasis and pityriasis rosea.

Skin Disorders Treatment

Skin diseases are the most common infections occur in people of all ages. Skin disorders because of its ugliness and the difficulties associated are one of the diseases that used to everything when in a place that is hard to hide as the face, even with makeup.

Most infections of the skin treatments take too long to show its effects. The problem becomes more worrisome if the disease does not respond to treatment of skin disorders. There are not many statistics to show the exact frequency of skin diseases in this country, but the overall impression is 10-20 percent of patients seeking medical care suffer from skin diseases.

The skin conditions are prevailant through all parts of the world. Sun is one of the most important sources of skin cancer and related trauma.

Diseases of the skin has a lot of misery, suffering, disability and economic loss. Besides this, a major obstacle in society, because they are visible. Fortunately, however, due to recent advances, scarred skin can be rescued by planning plastic, laser therapy and skin grafting.


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Identify and get treatment for anal skin tags

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Identify and get treatment for anal skin tags

Medical experts have reported that anal skin tags are commonly found at the top of the anal openings, which are normally flaps of excessive skin that may grow at a noticeable size. The common cause of anal skin tags is traced back to injuries that may have occurred, an infection that one may have contracted or a hemorrhoid that has been left untreated for a long time, hemorrhoids skin tags are simply a piece of skin that is left hanging from the anus.

Most anal skin tags do not give out signs or symptoms and in most cases infected persons only realize that they have it after using the toilet or while taking a shower and in most cases, it could go unnoticed for a long period thus creating more risk to the person. For others it might result to itching in the anal area and at times cause pain and for such persons with such conditions seeking medical help is advised.

Unlike other skin conditions, anal skin tags may result in adverse conditions like anal glands that are clogged and these causes irritation when wiping after a visit to the bathroom. There is discomfort, a burning sensation while urinating, which can cause writhing pain.

It might also cause anal itching which is an irritation at the end of the rectum that brings up the desire to scratch. This desire to itch increases mostly in the presence of moisture, pressure and sitting down for long hours otherwise known as abrasion. Other causes may also be brought about by the intake of irritating chemicals in food like spices used during cooking also irritation is caused due to frequent passing of liquid stool and diseases such as HIV that increase the risk of getting infections such as yeast infection that may cause anal irritation. Most of these irritations can be prevented by not leaving soap in the anal area, cleaning and drying of the anal area thoroughly to ensure that there is no moisture, cleaning and showering gently by washing the anal area without soap and using a pad or wet wipes that are unscented rather than toilet papers to clean the anus after bowel movements. Medical experts advise that the application of cortisone also known as pruritus any may help a great deal.

The good news that brings relief to all the pain caused by this condition is that it is treatable in a number of ways depending on the doctor’s diagnosis; they can be cured through surgery, the use of natural remedies or by freezing. In removal of anal skin, tags via surgery the need of an expert is needed to ensure the job is done well since it a sensitive matter. In as much as there are a number of options to choose from it is always advisable for people to seek medical advice before using either one of them. There is no one who likes to have medical condition as a pain in the ass and therefore by having a remedy to any condition it is a relief to many

Jen has been helping people with these sort of skin issues for years. You can read more on skin tags treatment in general at her blog. Thank you for reading.

Treating Impetigo Skin Problems In Children

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Treating Impetigo Skin Problems In Children

Impetigo is a skin disorder which can present on many different areas of the body, but it is most commonly seen around the mouth, hands, forearms, and nose area; it is usually a problem with very young children and can become quite serious if an effective treatment is not administered soon. There are two different types of this condition, bullous impetigo which is characterized by large blisters on certain areas of the skin, and non-bullous impetigo which means that appears as a crust on the skin. This condition is usually caused by what is called a streptococcal infection which can result in a number of symptoms which range from blisters to wet red patches all over the body.

The treatment for this condition depends on what kind it is and how severe. Usually children who have a mild case with small affected areas can be treated rather effectively with the use of antibiotic ointment which is prescribed by a doctor. If the ointment does not take affect soon after application or if the affected areas have spread to other parts of the body, a doctor can prescribe either an antibiotic liquid or pill which can both be taken orally. Since the nature of this condition is infectious, it is important to treat with strong and powerful antibiotic medications.

Once an ointment is applied or a pill taken, the healing affects of the medicine should be experienced within the first few days. If the child does not make any progress in that time after taking the prescribed antibiotics, it is important to take more drastic measure or there could be serious health risks such as a deeper skin infection which can mean very bad things if it is left untreated. If an infection does form somewhere on the child’s body, these areas should be washed regularly in order to keep them clean.

The affected areas of the skin should be thoroughly washed with gauze and antiseptic every single day until it has healed completely. Going through this process on a daily basis is important because it will effectively treat the infection which resulted from the initial skin disorder. Any areas of skin that have crusted over should be washed with warm soapy water until they are clean, removing each layer of crust one by one. It is highly recommended that parents of children with this problem keep all affected areas covered with gauze until they are completely healed.

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Human Demodex Parasite: The Major Culprit of Skin Disease

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Human Demodex Parasite: The Major Culprit of Skin Disease


One of the latest findings in the world of dermatology has really brought some hidden facts to light. One such fact has exposed a little-known parasite called demodex that is found to be the major cause of several skin ailments such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and balding. Surprisingly, this worm has been living since ages in the skin of both animals and humans but was never traced. Around 98% of adults tend to carry this parasite that is also known as a hair follicle mite, as per the statistics obtained by Dr. Qu Kui Zun by making observations over a period of 50 years.
Typesof Demodex
There are a total of 65 species of Demodex, which belong to Class Arachnida. However, only two human species have been identified. One of them is D. folliculorum that survives in hair follicles and the other is D. brevis that is found in the sebaceous (fat) glands linked to hair follicles. These two species are mainly found near the nose as well as on the eyelashes, cheeks, ear channels, and eyebrows. However, they can be found even in other areas of the body. They feed on sebum, dead skin, oils, cellular proteins, sugar, fluids, and hormones.
These human parasites have the power to pass through the follicle pores in order to feed on the sebaceous glands and on endoplasm in follicles. Their rate of reproduction is very high, with one generation coming to life in just 15 days. These worms are more likely to be present in more quantities in older people, with an estimation of 96-98% rate of infestation due to higher production of sebum.
The Probable Damage
While the Folliculorum takes away all the nutrients from hair follicles and from the hair root, the Brevis drains away the nutrients from the sebaceous glands. So, in the former case, the follicles become infected and enlarged to trigger hair loss and tissue inflammation. As a reaction to this, the skin starts secreting more sebum for lubricating itself, which in turn, boosts the reproduction of these parasites. In the case of Brevis, the glands become inflamed. If both the species are present, the damage may be critical and extensive. Further, the species cause the pores to expand due to which the skin becomes inflamed and rough. As a result, the individual might experience the symptoms of rosacea, dermatitis, or acne.
Test to Detect the Presence
To detect the presence of Demodex , you simply have to remove an eyebrow hair and get it tested under a microscope.

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