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Lastest Chronic Skin Problems News

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Dilemma over deductibles: Costs crippling middle class
Physician Praveen Arla is witnessing a reversal of health care fortunes: Poor, long-uninsured patients are getting Medicaid through Obamacare and finally coming to his office for care. But middle-class workers are increasingly staying away. "It's flip …
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The Healing Warmth of Moxibustion
Today moxa is used to treat a wide range of issues, such as chronic digestive disturbance, menstrual problems, reproductive concerns, and advanced illnesses such as tuberculosis, Lyme disease, and cancer. “It's very powerful for pain,” said Stuardi …
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Chronic Skin Problems

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Chronic Skin Problems

Expert :- Dr. Seema Bali.
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A health professional from Australia came for oxidation for other problems. A “side effect” was healing of a vicious skin problem while under treatment for h…
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Treating Impetigo Skin Problems In Children

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Treating Impetigo Skin Problems In Children

Impetigo is a skin disorder which can present on many different areas of the body, but it is most commonly seen around the mouth, hands, forearms, and nose area; it is usually a problem with very young children and can become quite serious if an effective treatment is not administered soon. There are two different types of this condition, bullous impetigo which is characterized by large blisters on certain areas of the skin, and non-bullous impetigo which means that appears as a crust on the skin. This condition is usually caused by what is called a streptococcal infection which can result in a number of symptoms which range from blisters to wet red patches all over the body.

The treatment for this condition depends on what kind it is and how severe. Usually children who have a mild case with small affected areas can be treated rather effectively with the use of antibiotic ointment which is prescribed by a doctor. If the ointment does not take affect soon after application or if the affected areas have spread to other parts of the body, a doctor can prescribe either an antibiotic liquid or pill which can both be taken orally. Since the nature of this condition is infectious, it is important to treat with strong and powerful antibiotic medications.

Once an ointment is applied or a pill taken, the healing affects of the medicine should be experienced within the first few days. If the child does not make any progress in that time after taking the prescribed antibiotics, it is important to take more drastic measure or there could be serious health risks such as a deeper skin infection which can mean very bad things if it is left untreated. If an infection does form somewhere on the child’s body, these areas should be washed regularly in order to keep them clean.

The affected areas of the skin should be thoroughly washed with gauze and antiseptic every single day until it has healed completely. Going through this process on a daily basis is important because it will effectively treat the infection which resulted from the initial skin disorder. Any areas of skin that have crusted over should be washed with warm soapy water until they are clean, removing each layer of crust one by one. It is highly recommended that parents of children with this problem keep all affected areas covered with gauze until they are completely healed.

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Commonly Seen Dog Skin Problems

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Commonly Seen Dog Skin Problems
Dogs that are scratching more than usual are probably suffer from some type of dog skin problems whether they be caused by an allergy, parasite, or condition. Vets can typically treat these issues quickly and seeing one might be the end of the issue. So when a dog is scratching there are many different things that one can look for.

An allergy will appear like a rash. Sometimes corticosteroids will help the problem but this is not a valid treatment. The cure can not be found until the allergen is known and removed from the environment.

There are many things that a lot of dogs are allergic to that could potentially be the problem. These include insect bites, food, grooming products, and pollen. When the dog seems to be scratching just his or her ears then the most likely cause is a yeast infection.

There are many different symptoms that one can look for in a dog that is suspected of having a yeast infection. These are discolored skin that is itchy or irritated and typically in the areas of the paws and ears. Most of the time the dog will only need to have a topical cream prescribed.

When a cream will not heal the pet then there are medicated bath options and oral medications to consider. One such condition is superficial bacterial folliculitus which will show on the skin as scabs, bumps, and sores. Of course if the pet has long hair then these will not be seen but instead he or she might appear scaly and be shedding.

This condition is most common when it occurs in conjunction with something else that is happening and not usually seen by itself. Puppies are commonly seen with many things and one of the most common is impetigo. With this condition the skin will have pus filled blisters.

Then the blisters will break and the blisters will scab over. The abdomen area is where these are seen as the puppy will not have hair there. Topical ointments are the common treatment option.

Another issue that causes scales and greasy skin is seborrhea. There are a few different reasons for this issue and one is that it is a genetic condition that will always be there. Another is that there is some underlying cause and when the underlying cause is figured out and treated then the condition will go away.

If a dog is seen with a thinning coat and a lot of hair loss then the problem is most likely alopecia. Then when one has mange there will be redness, itching, hair loss, and sores. Skin problems can also be caused by parasites, the most common being fleas and ticks.

Another common skin issue is ringworm which will appear like lesions that are circular in shape and is easily treated with anti-fungal creams. There are many additional dog problems that one might want to be concerned with as well. However when the skin is trying to heal and that is not allowed because of excessive licking this is called acral lick granuloma and in most cases has to be treated with a cone collar.

I’m a canine health guru who specializes in treatment for skin problems in dogs.