Chronic Skin Problems

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Expert :- Dr. Seema Bali In Valeda Life we have endeavored through our knowledge and resources to share with you what we have determined to be the most reali…
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Allergic reaction to IBUPROFEN left boy, 13, fighting for his life

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Allergic reaction to IBUPROFEN left boy, 13, fighting for his life
Doctors initially told his family he only had chicken pox before diagnosing Stevens Johnson Syndrome which causes the cells in skin to die before shedding like a snake. But Calvin's condition worsened and he developed the more serious form of the …

Overweight persons urged to take action
He pointed out that obesity often led to a slew of issues, including heart disease, diabetes, chronic hypertension, high cholesterol and other issues, and therefore urged overweight and obese persons to do what they can to shed some pounds. (JMB).
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Inflammation's stop signals
… suggests they are essential for recovering from infectious diseases such as the flu. Researchers have found hints that these molecular stop signals falter in at least some of the common, chronic diseases that involve protracted inflammation …
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Lastest Parasitic Skin Disease News

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Unexplained hair loss can be a challenging issue
Occasionally the only way to confirm the diagnosis is treatment with an anti-parasitic medication. Parasitic skin diseases need to be differentiated from other conditions that cause itchy skin and hair loss, such as allergies or fungal infections like …
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Pets: When animals become human killers
Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that can be transmitted through the faeces of infected cats. Cats can only get infected if they hunt and eat rodents or if their owners feed them raw meat. It is rare for people to get … Aside allergic reactions …
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Disease or disorder: How do I tell the difference? Part 1

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Disease or disorder: How do I tell the difference? Part 1
Guidelines for soluble salt content can be found in the MSU Extension article “Diagnosing plant problems – don't forget about pH and soluble salt content” and the MSU Extension bulletin E1736, “Greenhouse growth media: Testing and nutrition guidelines …
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Vitamin D deficiency
Issues around screening and treatments of vitamin D deficiency have been very controversial in recent years. The Endocrine Society has published an evidence based guideline to help determine who should be screened and should receive vitamin D …
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The cure for my seborrheic dermatitis.

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I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis for years. I have found this to work for me by trial and error and tons of research. I hope it helps you.
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