Natural Treatment For Skin Pigmentation

Natural Treatment For Skin Pigmentation

Pigment in the skin and spots problems in general, solar rays, aging and cosmetic changes sometimes occur and sometimes disorders.

Our skin color, skin cells are produced by the melanin is determined by pigment. Sometimes something happens and this coloring mechanism is areas of skin color are laid by producing too much.

The converse is also the skin in one part of melanin produced never gets it ‘white. White spots develop as the periodic “vitiligio” may mean you have a disease called.

Slow-growing white spots in the skin,
Dark-brown spots on the skin.

Percent of most common stains are pigment and has spread to far is rare. Pregnancy or birth control pills they use most, but are linked. But both women and men, seemingly no reason while the discomfort may be involved.

Maximum of 2 to 30 years in Vitiligo occurs first, though, can begin at any age. Your face, your eyes above, or the neck, underarm, groin, hands or knees can begin. They are usually symmetrical and can spread to the whole body.

Why, melanin-producing cells may be destroyed by the immune system, thyroid problems, or in some cases, there are related diseases such as anemia.

Vitiligo is not life-threatening. Cosmetics to hide blemishes or skin dyes are used. Vitiligo for stains in the sun burnt easily should use sun lotion.

To get rid especially the sun spots have not come to light. Sunlight, skin pigmentation and persistent increases in pregnancy can cause stains. Pregnancy in women with white skin and blond stains are much more likely occurrence. Below I will give you the period of pregnancy and pregnancy herbal treatment solution for stains you should try stain solutions to pregnancy
• A teaspoon of lemon juice stains the region attracts stirring Apply pregnancy. Then wait 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
• Orange juice, parsley juice and lemon juice mixed with equal measures of problem spots and pregnancy fill up the region similar to the Apply. Skin blemishes and wrinkles through the parsley and the water effect are traditionally known. Pregnancy staining offers the ideal treatment solution for herbal bit
• Lemon juice without the need for any additional direct or skin blemishes can apply to the region.
• Vitamin E oil to mix with the skin to the region can apply the stain. This morning before going to bed and early morning rises, do not get up Rinse.
• Oatmeal and apple vinegar by mixing with skin blemishes and spots in pregnancy Apply. For 20 minutes and rinse.
• wash your face with sour milk. And makes peeling effect and makes the left of the pregnancy spots. Dry skin homemade solution is ideal for lubrication.
• Cucumber juice mixture apricot and strawberry stains of the face to the region follow the pregnancy. Under the schedule, especially with eyes that will see the loss of pregnancy spots.
• Break and run honey mixture of wheat grain with spots regions Apply pregnancy. Make a mask using abundant. 15 minutes ago in hot water then rinse in cold water to
• Mix the milk with yellow mustard and night spots into the area of pregnancy follow. Herbal mask is applied to the region this morning Rinse.
• A piece of onion chopped 2 times a day on top of pregnancy, birth stains by putting the region follow.
• Buttermilk called after the remaining cheese and butter-like substance with water in your faces and pregnancy stain, rinse the area.
• Equal amounts of starch powder mixed with sesame seeds, and add some water into the dough to bring consistency. This herbal solution, the region will be applied to the skin blemishes.

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