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Persistent red rash near mouth of 6-year-old female

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Persistent red rash near mouth of 6-year-old female
However, due to the confusion with eczema, topical steroids are commonly prescribed as an initial treatment. Although topical steroids will help the inflammatory component and improve the appearance of perioral dermatitis, it is difficult to wean off …
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Human Demodicosis: Revisit and a Proposed Classification
While human demodicosis is a skin disease sui generis, it can mimic many other inflammatory dermatoses, such as folliculitis, rosacea and perioral dermatitis, leading to unspecific and confusing descriptions in the literature. Here, we propose to …
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Lastest Albinism auctions

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Facts about Ovarian Cysts

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Facts about Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts form when something goes wrong with the monthly cycle of egg growth and release. Ovaries typically grow follicles every month. The follicles produce the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which are needed for the eggs to release during menstruation. At times, though, a follicle keeps growing and becomes a functional ovarian cyst.

There are 2 types of cysts that are generally present. When the flow of LH or luteinizing hormone that encourages the egg to release doesn’t occur, a follicular cyst starts to form. Since the follicle doesn’t release its egg, it turns into a cyst.

Women commonly develop ovarian cysts and they’re usually harmless with no treatment being required. However, there are some complex ovarian cysts that are more worrisome. Complex ovarian cysts aren’t as common and they contain both liquid and solid components.

Complex ovarian cysts can be quite painful if they are severe enough. Usually, women will discover these cysts on their own when they get a routine physical checkup, or when they start having severe pain. If this pain is coupled with other symptoms of ovarian cysts, a doctor should be seen immediately.

There are 3 types of complex ovarian cysts. The Dermoid Cysts grow from the same cells as human eggs and look almost like humans because they also grow teeth and hair. They’re quite painful but not cancerous. Endometrioma are cysts that grow outside the uterus and are brought about by endometriosis. Cystadenomas are cysts that contain liquid and mucus. They’re very large and painful. Sometimes they twist in on themselves, making the pain even worse.

The symptoms of complex ovarian cysts include an uncomfortable sensation in the pelvic area particularly near their periods and during intercourse. Other symptoms include excessive bleeding during their periods or periods ceasing altogether. Sometimes women have nausea, breast tenderness and vomiting.

Pelvic exams are needed to diagnose a ruptured ovarian cyst. Ultrasounds can also verify the diagnosis. Blood tests may also be ordered. In addition, the cysts need to be checked for cancer. This isn’t a problem with all complex ovarian cysts but it needs to be ruled out. The patient’s age and symptoms are all taken into consideration when diagnosing and treating ovarian cysts.

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Lastest Impetigo News

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Leave it up to medical science to spoil a kiss
Meanwhile, those aforementioned 80 million different kinds of bacteria include pneumococcus, which can cause pneumonia; Group A streptococcus, a bacterium that can cause strep throat, the skin disease impetigo and occasionally even life-threatening …

Doctor testifies as first witness in infant injury trial
Regarding the scrotum injuries, Klammer said one doctor diagnosed the blemish as impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection common among infants and children. Grad's case took six years to reach trial because of changes of plea, a judge recusal, …
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Struggle to protect East Africans living with albinism against culture of

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Struggle to protect East Africans living with albinism against culture of
In East Africa, ritual magic, witchcraft and superstition play a large part in the everyday life of many people. One of the darkest elements of the cultural practice includes the lucrative trade of body parts of people with albinism who are outcast and …
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Seeking refuge for young persons with albinism in Tanzania
From 2007 to 2010, Tanzania saw record numbers of killings and attacks against persons with albinism. An estimated 1 in 1,400 persons in Tanzania and East Africa has albinism, a genetic disorder that results in pale skin, hair and eyes, and which …
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Risk of Parasitic Infection Threatens Residents of Southern United States

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Risk of Parasitic Infection Threatens Residents of Southern United States
Recent studies suggest that people residing in southern United States can be at a risk of being affected by a parasitic infection that can lead to severe heart disease and even death. Disease called as Chagas is transmitted by 'Kissing bugs' that feed …
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Poor settlers use dirty water
“Most of the people who live here are unemployed and cannot afford to buy tap water from those who have, or they have no transport to fetch water, therefore they are forced to drink dirty water and then they become ill with stomach problems,” a …
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X-Ray Reveals Parasitic Worm Inside Man's Foot (Video)
Then they settle inside a person's legs, toes or feet and try to come back out through the skin and create sore blisters as a result. Dr. Jonathan Darby, who is an expert on infectious diseases remarked, “That whole process can take years. It can sit …
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Hives: What you need to know when they attack you
However, after some medication, the gorgeous bride reappeared a couple of hours later with much clearer skin. That's what normally happens when you're experiencing an outbreak of hives. Speaking to 'Emirates24|7', Dr Naheed Kahn, MD, said, “Hives are …
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